Being here now changes everything

Make a deeper connection

Discover a more satisfying way to connect with yourself, with others, and the world around you.

Creative learning with improvisation, story and a dash of mindfulness offers new ways to bring yourself to life.

What brings you to life?

Maybe it’s having a great conversation, being creative with friends, getting results in a team, or connecting with the living world.

These moments make life full of meaning and possibility.

And yet there are times when don’t feel very present and engaged in our immediate life-experience.

Through experiential learning and live performance, Here & Now explores how we can bring ourselves to these moments more fully, and what happens when we do.

“"I adored my time at your improv classes!"
Local Student, Rosanna Moor
“Feedback from staff is always amazing.”
Emma Ratzer MBE | CEO | ACT
"What a great group. Absolutely loved it, you are all awesome."
Local student | Jamie Wood
“Original thinking and a true partner!”
Jim Massey | VP | AstraZeneca
“I was blown away with a fun, creative process.”
Neil Prem | Director | Allia
“Very impressed... a great sense of humour.”
James Cretney | CEO | Marwell Zoo
"That was a total joy! So many great moments!"
Audience member
“Captured the imagination of everyone involved”
Hannah Pearse | University of Suffolk

What's on


Training workshops

Memorable learning experiences that boost engagement, wellbeing and performance.

We offer you something different using the subtle and practical crafts of applied improvisation, story with a dash of mindfulness.

Here & Now Groups

Generative spaces for leaders to explore and expand their presence, courage and impact.

A refreshing space to explore the inner and outer dimensions of showing up and guiding change in a complex world. 

Keynote Speaking

Interactive talks for large groups about being half a shade braver for a better here & now.

These experiential talks get people connecting, moving, cooperating and laughing to bring valuable ideas and practices to life.


Here & Now is a lovely community of people who enjoy creative adventures with the arts of  improvisation and story.

We offer classes and courses in Suffolk in the UK (and beyond) and online. There’s no pressure to perform, and you can just be in the moment with us by coming to an improvised show!

Our style of improv is unhurried, discovered in the moment and grounded in relationships. Which naturally makes it funny, surprising and profound all at the same time. 

We also offer one-to-one playful coaching if you’d rather fly solo with this potent stuff!

Classes & Courses

Explore life, love and laughter through improvisation and story.


Come and see us perform a real-life improvised show. 


Playful one-to-one sessions about bringing more of yourself to life

A few ideas